Garage Shelving And Storaging

Consider this: Every time you decide to organize your house or a part of it, it affects the organization of the rest of the house. That’s how your garage meant to store your car gets converted to a junk yard with your beauty parked in the midst of that. Because, when you organize the rest of the house, all the unwanted objects land up in your garage. And then you end up in a nasty place, where you can't find anything you need and have no idea how to fix it.

What we fail to realize is that organizing the garage not only gives it a neat and pleasant look but also offers more space for storage of a lot more items in an organized manner, not to mention the ease with which you and your family can get into or out of the car.

garage shelving

As the intent here is to keep the floor clear for movement of car and people, you have to think on the lines of making use of vertical space that has nothing but air. So, the solution lies in having shelving along the walls. You have a variety of materials for doing the needful. You may choose any of the metals or wood, though each has its own advantages and limitations. Choose the one that best suits your budget and style. Amongst metals you may opt for aluminum, steel, or diamond plate. Steel is strong and sturdy while aluminum is light and colorful.

For a stunning look you should go for diamond plates. Freestanding shelves offer the flexibility of adjusting shelves to store odd sized items that are difficult to store otherwise. You can compartmentalize you garage to accommodate your tools, children’s toys and may be for shoes as well.

It’s not too difficult to make your own shelving. Apart from the material for shelving you will need simple tools that are generally available in most of the houses. Buy pieces of pine, prime them before installation find the studs and then just drill them into the wall. Steel brackets are fixed by drilling them into the wood. Next, secure a wooden shelf to the steel brackets.

aluminum shelves

A plastic shelf arrangement is the easiest to install, yet strong enough to store most of the garage items. The most beneficial feature of this kind of shelving is the ease with which it can be dismantled and shifted to another place, if ever the need arises for that.

Use your imagination, go thru a few magazines or visit online and convert your garage into a more useful and better organized place while improving upon its looks.

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