Four Simple Steps To Good Garage Storage

Typically, an American garage becomes a dumping place for all the unwanted items in the home. Consequently, it is nearly impossible to locate any item when you need it most. We know how tedious and frustrating experience it is to dig out any item from a cluster of not so beautiful household materials. You are not only wasting your precious time only, but the floor area as well.

When spring comes, it’s quite natural or even habitual for most of us to start making a list of the things to be done around the home to make it more organized. But, ever wondered how often we succeed and to what extent!

Try putting to practice the following few elementary steps to get a well organized great looking garage to the delight of your family.

1. As a first step get rid of everything that you don’t use. Once you go thru the items that have been lying around there, you’ll begin to wonder from where all those landed up! If an item has been lying there unused for almost a year, you can safely conclude that it is not needed anymore. Spare sometime and make a list of such items to get rid of those. Give them to a friend who could perhaps better use one such item or make a donation to a thrift store. Another possible way of getting rid of these items will be to organize a garage sale.

This first step is the most important as it paves way for the other steps in that direction of organizing your garage better.

2. Another trick to have more of space on the floor is to go for vertical storages. Why not have ceiling mounted racks for bikes. That clears the floor of all the bikes, be those of kids or adults. If any of these is not being used, it deserves the treatment as suggested in step noted above. The only limitation here would be to help the kids while removing the bike or storing those back. There are racks available that mount on the wall or even stand- alone stands. You have to keep in mind how frequently the bikes are being used during the year and arrive at a suitable arrangement for housing them within the garage.

3. Make an inventory of all your possessions in the garage. Now segregate the list to three different parts. Separate the items that you are using most frequently. Arrange them is size. Get shelves of varying sizes to store these items in the most easily approachable part of the garage. Next, make a list of items that are not so frequently used and store them at a not so easily accessible a place. Third list comprises of items that are rarely used, yet you might like to have them for any eventuality. Store them accordingly. Whatever is left unaccounted in the lists at the end is clutter. Get rid of it in any of the suggested ways, the sooner the better.

Explore the possibility of having shelves with doors that keep the items organized and away from sight. You could always compartmentalize your garage. Keep your gardening equipment in one compartment, whereas workshop tools could be in another compartment.

4. Look around for a suitable arrangement to store loose sports items. A visit to a sports shop will prove helpful in procuring a bench with provision for keeping bats, balls and helmets etc. Specially designed sports racks with plastic shaped mounts are available. That improves their accessibility while offering an organized storage. The best and most effective way of having an increased floor area is to install a sports rack or be prepared to have a litter of balls on the garage floor.

Garages were meant for storing of items. Not that anyone or everyone should throw away anything and everything into a garage and create clutter around the whole place. With all the clutter around, you really lose that enthusiasm of putting it to a better use or even entering it till it gets unavoidable. Aren’t you prompted to make a better use of floor space, already at a premium?


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