Garage Shelves - Metal Vs Plastic

Though, strictly speaking a garage is meant for housing cars, invariably the place ends up getting dumped with anything and everything that is not frequently needed by the homeowners. That really creates a clutter in the garage at time to such an extent that it is an effort to park the car there. That’s what prompts people to go for some kind of shelving in the garage to keep their excess baggage in the garage while still having sufficient space for parking of car. However, the options for shelving arrangements are so many, varying from wall shelving to overhead storage, to shelving units that you are overwhelmed to decide which kind of shelving arrangement would best suit you storage requirements.

metal garage shelves

Usually a lot of people chose to have some popular kind of garage shelves that are simple, durable and offer easy assembly or installation. Generally these are made of metal or plastic. Both the materials have their own advantages and limitations. It is necessary to give prolonged thought as to the material that would be most suitable under any given circumstances. Basically, one needs to assess the storage requirements before hand to arrive at appropriate storing facility and that involves a bit of homework. A part of this exercise will be to take an inventory of all the items you intend storing on the shelving you are going to have. You should understand that the requirement of storage space is necessarily decided by the weight, volume or size of the items to be stored. For instance, the requirements of shelving needed for storing heavy voluminous items will be different from those required for small or medium sized items that are not too heavy or voluminous.

Taking an inventory of the items needing storage helps you to categorize items as per their size, weight and even frequency of their use. It will be worth spending time to make as accurate an estimate of items as is possible before zeroing in on the choice of material for shelving. It’s not difficult to understand that heavier items are better stored on steel shelving that remains stable and wouldn’t bend or give way under pressure of weight.

plastic garage shelves

But, using plastic shelving has its own advantages, being lighter, economical and easier to maintain as it would need no painting unlike steel. Then, you might have some small components that would perhaps be best stored in a box. So, you may be required to have an assortment of materials or sizes of the shelving.

To sum up, it is imperative to assess your shelving requirements based on the nature of items to be stored to have an efficient long lasting shelving arrangement.


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