Three Mistakes We Make When Using Garage Shelves

It’s not rare to find people choosing improper shelving arrangements for their garage. One important reason for the wrong choice of shelving is lack of planning. Either they don’t take measurements at all or take wrong measurements of space or they go wrong as far as choice of material of shelving goes. This article is intended to help you steering clear of the oft made mistakes to get just the right shelves.

Don't plan ahead:

Buying shelving or material thereof is not as simple as buying any other domestic items that you just decide to have one day, go to any store and get it done.

You need to plan your storage in the sense that assess your requirements of storage, meaning the kind of items to be stored, their size and weight and such like. Before you really start building your storage you have to plan before hand.

While planning for your storage system you not only have to understand the present or normally used items needing storage but also anticipate future requirements to some extent. The better and detailed planning you do, the less are the chances of embarrassment having improper shelving and the resultant clutter. Lack of planning is the most important cause of inappropriate shelving. Take care to categorize items as per their size and nature. For instance, it wouldn’t be desirable to store chemicals with other normally used items.

Buy the wrong kind of shelving:

An important factor that shouldn’t escape your mind while making shelving of your own or buying ready to install kind of stuff is to ascertain is sturdiness. And, that again brings us back to the nature of items, meaning their weight and size, that you intend storing therein. That involves planning.

Apart from the material of the shelving you should ensure that the shelving is adequately supported to hold the weight of shelving plus its content, lest the whole arrangement should come cracking down on the floor! This is particularly important in case of wooden shelving.

Measure everything wrong:

Another common cause of shelving failure is its improper size. You are required to take accurate measurements of the space to be provided with shelving and it’s very important to sectionalize the shelving to have even distribution of weight along its length. For instance you may have one long shelf and keep storing items on that, irrespective of their weight, thereby putting too much weight on it. That leads to collapsing of the shelving itself.

So, you should divide the entire length to different sections of appropriate length, keeping in mind the weight and size of the items you intend storing there. Measure sections and stagger the shelves. Remember, the shorter the span of the section, the sturdier is the shelving.

You should understand that it’s worth the effort to measure and weigh items you intend housing on the shelving. That helps you have a better estimate of the distance you should maintain between the shelves. It means you can better fir the items on or under the shelves.

If you take care of these three common mistakes that people often make while procuring shelving, you certainly have better chances of having organized shelving and the optimum utilization of space at your disposal, and that is primarily the function and idea of having shelving.

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