Wooden Garage Shelving For You

At this moment, car garages are being used for purpose over and above the intended purpose of housing a car. It has become customary to make use of the available space for storage of rarely needed household items. As a result the garage ends up as the most disorganized place of the household.

The volume of cluster reaches such a level that it needs an almost Herculean effort to organize the whole place. It is but natural to make use of the available, especially with ever going cost of land. As most of the available space is along the verticals, it is practical to have some kind of shelving along the walls for storage, and thus clear the floor of all the clutter.

wooden garage shelves

There is a variety of materials available for shelving. For instance, you could use steel for its characteristic strength and long life. Heavy duty wire shelving is another choice. It is strong durable and pleasant to the eye. Another option is to have adjustable steel shelving traditionally being used in industries for storage.

Of course, that choice of having traditional wooden shelving is always there. It works out cheaper than metals. Besides, if you decide to work yourself on wood and its designing, it further reduces the total expense. It’s not at all difficult, but you have to have that inclination. Here’s how you may go about it.

Use of wood also offers a wide choice. You may use particle boards of size ¾ inch that is very economical. Else you may use plywood but in case you decide to use solid wood, it’s perfectly fine, though more expensive than the other varieties of wood. You may use pine or fir.

Even if you intend using the shelving for normal household stuff, it is better to keep some margin for storage of heavier items, for you can’t be sure of what you might decide to send to the garage.

Bear in mind that shelving of particle board has a tendency to sag in the middle over prolonged use. In such a case keep a closer span.

Being careful at the time of planning shelving will facilitate quicker construction without much wastage. You should decide before hand how deep the shelf can be without occupying too much space of the garage. Another important feature to be decided before hand would be the height of shelving or the distance between any two shelves.

wood garage shelving

Usually lumber for the frame is of 2x4” for ordinary floor-supported shelf. The size of plywood for shelving will be ¾”.

Keep the 2x4s against the garage wall, with the lower end touching the floor and fix them into the wall with wood screws. Fix the next 2x4 separated by a distance of two feet.

Next use a few more of 2x4s to get horizontal supports. Keep one piece along the bottom in such a manner as to have its 4” side against the upright pieces. A level should be used to check that it remains straight. This is going to be the support for the bottom shelf. Now fix screws along its length, at each location where there is an upright 2x4. Repeat the process for each shelf level and keep going up. That completes the rear part of the frame.

Likewise for the front part of the frame, fix horizontal and vertical 2x4s as per the measurements of what you did earlier. Nail the pieces together and stand the frame on the floor.

2x4 to as per the depth you had decided for the shelving. Using these cut outs of 2x4s attach the front part to the rear part. For getting stability and support, nail the top part to the rafters or to the stronger parts of the ceiling.

Finally, cut the plywood to the planned size of the shelf. Placing them on top of the horizontal pieces nail them down.

There are many designs available for garage shelving. You may refer to some magazines, books and online too. Check the one that would best suite your taste and requirements.

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