Garage Shelving Ideas For You To Use

Usually one finds garages to be disorganized and stuffed. But it need not be so if you can effectively execute a garage plan that takes care of all the clutter therein and gives it a neat look of which you’ll be proud. Let’s face it that irrespective of the size of your garage which may be just big enough to accommodate one car to a very large one that can hold two or more vehicles, you are sure to have ides of storing a couple of additional items apart from the vehicle that you own. There are many kinds of garage shelving arrangements and storage solutions available. You just need to find one or may be a combination of two or three ideas to give your garage a presentable look and make it more efficient by making optimum use of the available space in the garage.

Here are some ideas:

Garage Storage Ceiling

This style of garage shelving arrangement is most appropriate for garages that can barely hold one car. That’s because you are taking advantage of the vertical space, leaving the floor space free. So, you should have wide shelving at some reasonable height. With this kind of shelving arrangement you can have bins for storage of items like tools, light bulbs, shoes and even clothing. On the available floor space you can park your car, bicycles, scooter, lawn mower and other items that you may consider worthwhile for storing in the garage.

Garage Storage Cabinet

This style of storage arrangement in the garage is often the first choice of many people as it allows them to move the cabinets quite conveniently in the garage. Usually such cabinets have shelves for storage of small-sized items, while some have hooks which can be used for hanging different items. Whenever you find it appropriate you can move the cabinet to a different location in the garage without disturbing the contents its shelving and make better use of the available floor space. And, that’s the outstanding feature of this arrangement.

How to Use Garage Shelves

Irrespective of the design of the garage shelving you may employ, it’s very important that it offers you sufficient space that goes to keep your garage well organized and clean. Some of the items that homeowners often store in garage include sports equipment, gardening tools and materials, items needed during holidays and camping accessories. You could also use the shelving for holiday decorations, which are needed during specific times of the year and unnecessarily occupy space in the main house for the rest of the year.

The advantages of having appropriately designed garage shelving and cabinets are many. The advantage is not confined to just having a good looking organized garage as it also facilitates your movements around the garage and retrieval of stored items becomes so convenient. All the items including your important tools which you don’t need so frequently can easily be located and save you a lot of time and effort and thus keep irritation at bay. And of course, the car for which the garage was primarily meant finds it right place rather than getting exposed to the atmospheric conditions outside, thus adding to its life and reducing your expense for its maintenance.

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  1. Freestanding cabinets are less easy to customize than garage cabinet/shelving systems that come with many sections can be built to fit your space and storage needs.